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The TRAC flying site has the following amenities on a 10 acre site adjacent to a closed land fill that serves as an over flight area:
-400x50 foot, paved E-W runway
-      350+ foot, grass E-W runway adjacent to the paved runway
-      Separate slow-fly area with concrete Heli-pad
-      40 foot covered shelter
-      Restroom, water, and electricity!
-Plenty of parking
Field Description
Club Features
TRAC offers the following amenities to its members:
-           A .40 size trainer that can be used by club members who are 
temporarily without an aircraft or by members of the public who 
want to see what it is like to fly a radio controlled model 
airplane.  A modest fee is charged for a 10 minute flight with a 
qualified instructor.
Field Photo Tour
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Visitors are always welcome at TRAC's field when a TRAC member is present.
Typically, the field will be open on the following days and times:

-Mon through Fri - 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.
-Mon through Fri - 5 p.m. until dark
-Saturday and Sunday - 9 a.m. until dark
The field may be open any day from 8 a.m. to dark, but most likely during the times above.
Field Hours