This page was last updated on: November 17, 2015
Aircraft Retrieval
If your aircraft goes down over the fence, do not cross the fence line.  The landfill is a Super Fund site.  Further, TRAC's contract with Hillsborough County requires us to contact an on-duty County employee to retrieve aircraft that go down on the landfill.  If you cross the fence line, you will jeopardize TRAC's continued use of the flying site and your membership in TRAC.

If your aircraft goes down on a weekday, contact the Landfill office by driving to it or calling it at 744-5535.   A member of the Landfill staff will retrieve your aircraft.

If your aircraft goes down on a weekend or holiday or after the Landfill office closes on weekdays and you want it retrieved before the Landfill's business hours, you will need to contact the duty Landfill representative at 505-1878.  The Landfill representative will arrange with you a time to retrieve the aircraft.  If you do this, Hillsborough County will charge TRAC a fee of $20 per hour with a two hour minimum.

The following is the exact verbage on ths topic in the 2002 agreement between TRAC and Hillsborough County:

1. Weekdays - If a model aircraft goes down outside the fenced area Monday through Friday, during the normal operation hours (7:00 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.) of the Solid Waste Management Department's (SWMD) Hillsborough Heights property maintenance staff, the SWMD will retrieve the aircraft that same day.  However, if a model aircraft goes down after 3:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, the TRAC member is to notify the SWMD the following day that the aircraft needs to be retrieved from the area.  This service will be provided free of charge.  However, if the aircraft goes down after 3:30 p.m. on Friday, the SWMD will retrieve the aircraft in accordance with the following weekend retrieval procedure.
2. Weekends - During weekends, the SWMD will provide a staff member, available via cellular telephone, to retrieve aircraft downed outside the Site area. The SWMD will charge a call-out service rate of $20.00/hour, with a minimum of two hours payment per call-out. The SWMD will invoice TRAC on a monthly basis for the call-outs performed by the SWMD.
3. Special Weekend events - During special weekend competition events, the SWMD will provide an on-site employee to retrieve the aircraft downed outside the designated area. The SWMD will charge TRAC the rate of $20.00 for each hour the employee spends on-site to retrieve aircraft, with a minimum two-hour payment. The SWMD will invoice TRAC on a monthly basis for the time spent on-site during special weekends events. In order for the SWMD to have staff available for the special events, TRAC will provide a schedule, one month in advance, to the SWMD indicating dates and staff hours requested.
4. The SWMD will not be responsible for any damage to the aircraft during retrieval.