CONSTITUTION - Revised January 2022

Article 1 - Name

Section 1.          The name of this club shall be:  Tampa Radio Control Aircraft Club, Inc.  The term TRAC shall be used as the club's acronym.

Article 2 - Purpose

Section 1.          The objective of this club shall be to promote radio controlled model aircraft building and flying in general and to aid as much as possible the national program of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and other radio controlled aircraft activities toward the continued advancement of model aviation in the United States.

Section 2.          The club will establish and maintain a flying site and plan for a new site, as required.

Section 3.          All activities of the club shall conform to the policies and procedures of the AMA and the regulations of those Organization governing model aircraft events.

Article 3 - Membership

Section 1.          In order to be qualified for membership in TRAC, a prospective member must have a genuine interest in model airplane building or flying, a willingness to help during contests, and /or work days for field improvement as called by the club and to abide by this corporation's Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, flying site rules and club rules.
a.Any person desiring to become a Member of TRAC shall submit a written application to the Secretary or any current board member together with the current initiation fee and club dues then in effect.  The term of Membership shall commence upon acceptance of such application and dues, and shall terminate upon expiration of the applicable dues period, unless renewed. (Example: If you join in July, your 12-month dues will be due the following July.)
b.A prospective member must also provide either a current AMA card or an AMA "temporary receipt" issued by AMA.  Flyers requiring an AMA waiver, such as a turbine engine waiver, shall also provide a copy of the waiver to the treasurer upon application for membership and renewal. Flyers operating on an FCC amateur radio band shall submit a copy of their FCC license to the treasurer upon application for membership or renewal.  Two classes of membership shall be available to all applicants.

c.          Regular membership - afforded all club amenities and flying privileges of the club in accordance with current directives and must hold an individual flyer's license issued by AMA.

d.          Associate membership - afforded all club amenities except active flying privileges.  They are considered non-flying members and will be afforded all other amenities except voting and holding an office in the club.

e.          Dues - Regular members will be assessed the current dues in effect at the time of entry.  Associate members will be assessed one-half (1/2) the regular membership dues plus all other fees in effect at the time of entry.

Section 2.          All prospective members will be presented to the membership for voting into the club.

Section 3.          The number of club members is unlimited.


Article 1 - Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Tampa Radio Control Aircraft Club, Inc. shall be:

a.          President
b.          Vice President 
c.          Secretary
d.          Treasurer
e.          Directors (2)

Article 2 - Duties

Section 1.          President.

a.          Preside over or appoint a presiding officer for all meetings of the club.

b.          Act as spokesman for the club and as principal representative of the club in all club matters.

c.          Supervise all functions and activities of the club.

d.          Perform all other duties that usually fall under the office of president.

Section 2.          Vice President.

a.Assist the president  in the performance of his duties

b.          Perform the duties of the president during his absence.

c.Shall fulfill such other duties as may from time to time be assigned by the President or by the Board of Directors.

d.          Coordinate events pertaining to sport competition, fun fly's, and othercontests and activities, which are sponsored by the club.

e.Perform duties as club safety director

Section 3.          Secretary.

a.          Record the minutes of all meetings and be responsible for keeping the minutes and other written records of this corporation.

b.          Record attendance at all meetings and maintain records of each member's attendance and AMA status.

c.Announce special meetings when directed and other information pertaining to meetings, such as place and time.

d.Execute all necessary club correspondence.

e.Shall fulfill such other duties as may from time to time be assigned by the President or by the Board of Directors.

Section 4.          Treasurer.

a.          Act as custodian of all club funds.

b.          Account for all funds retained, owned by, paid out from, or paid to the club such as dues and initiation fees.

c.          Deposit all funds in an approved bank, subject to withdrawal for authorized purposes upon the signature of either the treasurer or the president.

d.          Maintain files and records on all receipts and expenditures of the club.

e.           Shall fulfill such other duties as may from time to time be assigned by the President or by the Board of Directors.

Section 5.          Two (2) directors will be elected by the membership to serve with the Board of Officers of the club.  The director's duties will be as follows:

a.          Act as direct representatives of the membership at board of directors meetings.

b.          Monitor the behavior of the officers in the best interests of the membership.

c.Shall fulfill such other duties as may from time to time be assigned by the President or by the Board of Directors.

d.          Bring issues of safety and operation of the club to the attention of the club officers.

e.          Conduct at least an annual review of the club's funds and report their findings to the members.

Article 3 - Term of Office

Section 1.          All officers and directors of the club shall serve for one year from date of election.

Section 2.          The election of officers and directors shall be conducted annually during the November business meeting.  A nominations committee shall present a slate of officers and directors at this meeting; additional nominations may be made from the floor.

Article 4 - Vacancies

Section 1.          Vacancy in any office shall be filled by a special election.  The member elected shall serve until the end of the term for which his predecessor was elected.

Article 5 - Meetings

Section 1.          A regular meeting shall be held each month.  Notice of a regular meeting shall be given in the form of a newsletter sent to each member every month by the secretary and/or newsletter editor.

Section 2.  Special meetings of the club  may be called by either the president plus three other board members or by ten club members.  Any such call shall be issued at least three days in advance of the meeting date and shall specify both a convenient time and place of the meeting and the purpose of the meeting.  The persons calling the special meeting shall notify club members of this special meeting by telephone, e-mail, or regular mail.  A notice of this meeting shall be posted at the field.   

Section 3.  The Board of Directors is authorized to take emergency actions to solve problems that cannot clearly be put off until the next scheduled meeting or cannot be done through a special meeting due to the nature of the emergency.  Club members will be advised of this action in the newsletter or at the next scheduled club meeting.

Article 6 - Regular Business

Section 1.          All regular business activities of the club shall be directed by the president or, in the absence of the president, by the vice president.

Section 2.          At any regularly scheduled meeting or special meeting, the members present shall constitute a Quorum.

Section 3.To avoid any irregularities and to involve the entire membership at any regularly scheduled meeting, any motion that affects any of the following:

monetary items other than routine maintenance of the TRAC site,

may be made and seconded, but then must be tabled until the next regularly scheduled meeting.  This motion will be included in the newsletter prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting in order to advise all members.  At the next regularly scheduled meeting, this item will be read again, discussed and voted on. 

a. Any member may put forth an upcoming motion in the newsletter to notify the membership prior to the next regularly scheduled club meeting.  This member may then make the motion at the next regularly scheduled club meeting at which time it may be seconded, discussed and voted on.  

Article 7 - Dues and Fees

Section 1.          A one-time initiation fee shall be $ 75.00 and paid upon joining the club.

Section 2.          Annual membership dues shall be $ 125.00 and may be paid upon joining the club or may be paid in two increments of $ 62.50 each on the anniversary date the member joined and 6 months later.

Section 3.          When a member allows his dues to become delinquent by three months, the treasurer will send a request in writing to the member for payment of delinquent dues.

Section 4.     Any member that allows their membership to lapse more than three months will be required to pay a Reinstatement Fee of $50.00 in addition to normal dues upon the renewal of their membership.

Section 5.     Annual membership dues for Youth members (members not attaining the age of 19 as of July 1) will be $50.00 with the Initiation Fee waived.
Annual membership dues for Family Membership (members who reside in the same household) will be 1.5 times the single adult membership fee.

Section 6.  As an incentive for members to participate and in acknowledging their service to the club, only the dues for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Directors (2), and Newsletter Editor (1) will be waived for the period of time served.

Article 8 - Contests

Section 1.          At any contest where the club acts as host, all club members will be expected to assist as required by the contest director.  
Article 9 - Committees

Section 1.          The president may appoint committees as required to pursue any club activity.

Article 10 - Special Funds

Section 1.          The treasurer is authorized to receive contributions or specially obtained funds from any individual or organization to be applied to the operating expenses of the club.

Article 11 - Amendments

Section 1.          Amendments may be made to the constitution and by-laws at any regular business meeting of the club, provided that two months shall elapse before the amendment is voted upon.  A two-thirds vote of the members present shall be required to adopt an amendment.

Article 12 - Rule Supplement

Section 1.          Additional rules or regulations that do not conflict with the constitution and by-laws may be adopted or deleted at any regular business meeting by a majority vote.

Section 2.          Prior to adopting or deleting any rules or regulations, a copy of such rules or regulations shall be included in the newsletter mailed to all regular members prior to the next regular or special membership meeting.

Article 13 - Termination of Membership

Section 1.          Members are subject to termination of membership for the following reasons:

a.          Member who becomes over 90 days delinquent in their financial obligations to the club.

b.          Failure to abide by the rules and regulations of TRAC.

c.          Conduct of any individual that is seriously detrimental to the best interest of the club.

Section 2.          Termination of membership shall be decided by two-thirds of the members present and voting at any regular or special meeting of the club provided:

a. The membership board certifies in writing to the members of the club that the conduct of the member in question falls under the provision of the article and, 

b.The member whose expulsion is in question is given three days notice of such action and an opportunity to be heard at the meeting at which the question is to be decided.

Section 3.Two-thirds of the board can suspend the membership of any member in violation of Article 13, Section 1, until the club resolves the violation.  The member in question shall be advised in writing of the termination process as stated in Article 13, Section 2.

Article 14  Miscellaneous

Section 1.TRAC may be dissolved with the approval of a two-thirds majority vote of the total membership.  In the event of dissolution of TRAC, its net assets shall be distributed equally to the persons who comprise the club membership at the time of dissolution.

Section 2.In the event the club is sued for any reason, TRAC shall have the authority to counter sue to recoup fees and expenses incurred.


I hereby certify that the above and foregoing amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws were duly adopted as the official Constitution and By-Laws of the Tampa Radio Control Aircraft Club, Inc. at a regular membership meeting held on ______________, 2003.

Attest:Tampa Radio Control Aircraft Club, Inc.

By: _________________________________
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