Engine Clinic Tips
By Vince Cesario Sr.

Break-in (New or Rebuilt Engine):

Two or Four-Stroke
- Recommend Fox Miracle Plug (Two Stroke)
- Recommend OS Four Stroke Plug (Four Stroke)
-Start with Break-in Prop (Make sure to balance)

Two StrokeFour Stroke
40s-46s:  9.5x690s:  13x8
60s:  11x7120s:  14x8
90s:  13x6140s:  16x8

Fuel:  15% Cool Power is recommended for two strokes and 30% Helo fuel is recommended for four strokes (Has more nitro and oil synthetic)

Startup Procedure:- For new or rebuilt engines:

1. Turn hi-speed needle out approximately 4 turns to get a rich setting
2. Crank engine, leave battery attached to glow plug for a minute or two, making sure engine will continue running.
3. Run about 4 to 5 (10 oz.) tanks through engine at this setting.
4. Once the engine has been ran per above instructions, start turning needle valve to right (a leaner setting) to achieve high rpm.  (Check your engine owner's manual for max rpm)
5. Once high speed is set to desired rpm, then work on bottom or low end to achieve the desired performance. 
Note:  If engine is rich on bottom end, turn needle valve to right (in).  If bottom is lean (engine shuts off when throttle is advanced) turn bottom valve out about ½ turn to achieve desired response.
6. Always run good fuel with synthetic oil.  The more nitro, the better the idle will be.  (I use 15% Cool Power in my two strokes and 30% Helo Cool Power in my four strokes)

Trouble Shooting:

1. Changing the glow plug is the first thing I usually do if the engine won't start.
2. If engine is a year or two old and runs but you can't find the needle (can't adjust it) this usually indicates the bearings are bad.  Replace front and rear bearings.  (Usually about $20-$30 from Boca Bearings.  Boca Raton, FL (1-561-998-0004), http://www.bocabearings.com

If you crash the plane and the engine has dirt or other debris in it, do not turn it over.  Take it apart or send it back to manufacturer.  You might do more damage to piston or cylinder wall if you try turning it over.

If you have any questions:

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