This page was last updated on: August 22, 2022
Listed below are the names of pilots that are qualified and willing to help members learn to fly.

When your instructor has certified you as a competent pilot, you will be presented with "Pilot Wings" at a club meeting.

If you would like to instruct, or have any questions about this list, please contact:

Don Riek   (813) 484-0703

Instructor              Phone                  Type                         Availability
Eric Randall    (813) 986-3742    Fixed Wing          Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays
                Cell (813) 787-4044    All Fuels                        8am-12:30pm

Ivan Peck       (813) 689-0573Fixed WingTuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (mornings)

James Chambers  (813) 985-2706       Fixed WingThursdays after 5 p.m., Saturday afternoons

Scott Kantrowitz   (813) 965-1281Fixed WingThursdays after 5 p.m., Saturday afternoons

Devin Allen  (813) 731-4702 Fixed Wing Monday-Wednesday-Friday Mornings 8 am till 10 am

<Informal>N/A     Intro Heli    Best bet - Weekend afternoons
-  Instructor Corps