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MacDonald Training Center Contribution
August 2, 2001 

Mr. Jim Fryogel 

MacDonald Training Center 
5430 W. Cypress St. 
Tampa, FL 33607
Dear Mr. Fryogel, 

The Tampa Radio Control Aircraft Club (TRAC) is honored to present this check 
for $250 to Macdonald Training Center.  TRAC is a club dedicated to  
model aviation.  At a recent event of large model aircraft that was held to  
contribute donations to the MacDonald Training Center, TRAC was able to  
collect this $250. Barry Miller, TRAC  President at that time, spearheaded  
this event for MacDonald Training Center.  Unfortunately, Barry Miller is on  
his way to Kuwait as part of his military commitment and was unable to fulfill  
his desire to present these funds to your organization. 

TRAC will continue to host events held to benefit charitable organization in  
the future and hopefully the club can again contribute to your organization. 

If you have any questions regarding this matter,please feel free to contact  

 Wayne Smith, President 
7009 24th Ave. So. 
Tampa, FL 33619