TRAC is a premier radio control aircraft club in the Tampa Bay area.

7208 Taylor Road
Seffner, FL (not for mail)

Hillsborough County

AMA Chartered Club #220
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OCT      8 CANCELLED! - Club Meeting - CANCELLED!
NOV    12 - Club Meeting at Field
NOV    20 - Thanksgiving Charity Fly-in
DEC    10 - Club Meeting at Field
JAN     14 - Club Meeting at Field

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Runway 9/27
February 2016:  Wayne Smith provided the following link to a video Intel produced of 100 synchronized drones and orchestra playing the 1812 Overture.  Well worth the view.  Click Here to view the video.

November 2015:  Mailing the newsletter will be discontinued by a vote of the membership.  The last newsletter will be mailed in December.

October 2015:  Club membership was increased to $100 annually by a vote of the membership at the October meeting.  The $20 increase will be dedicated to the Runway Fund.

August 2015:  Thanks to all the members that turned out for the workday.  Click Here for pictures of the hard, hot work.

June 2014: To view video from this June's Big Bird taken by club member Nibal Elsaadi, Click Here and Click Here for one taken by Don Kirkley.

January 2014:  Click Here to view a video of TRAC field taken from a quad flown by TRAC member Javier Nerys.

December 2012:  Al Tejera recently provided the following link that shows how to extend lipo battery cycles by reducing the voltage.  It shows that while flight time is reduced marginally, number of recharge cycles is increased dramatically.  Click here for the information Al found.

July 2012:  Click here to view recent photos of indoor flying at All Peoples's Life Center.  Check the Events Schedule page for the current flying day and time.

July 2012:  Click here to view photos at field of Randy Crouch, a past member, and his ultralight he recently landed at the field.  A picture of our 27 approach that Randy took a couple of years ago is at the bottom of this page.

Do not fly over the orange grove!  Our neighbors who built their homes in the orange grove support our flying, but are concerned about an aircraft hitting one of their children.  Below you can see that a straight out departure to the west or approach from the west on runway 9/27 goes over the grove.  
January 2016:  Required FAA registration.  
The FAA is requiring registration of all UAS from .55 to 55 lbs.
            This includes our fixed wing aircraft.
The AMA had been attempting to get the FAA to accept AMA membership in lieu of each of us having to register.  So far, the AMA has not been successful.  The AMA’s latest guidance on registration is available at: Click Here

The FAA registration site is: Click Here

Please note that you will be required to provide a credit card number to register and will be charged $5.

Note TRAC members have to be registered to fly at the field unless the AMA is successful.
Aerial view compliments of Randy Crouch
This page was last updated on: October 7, 2016
June 2016: Indoor Flying Fun!